"Where Have You Been" por Rihanna aparece en Just Dance 2014.

Appearance of the Dancers


Wherehaveyou coach 1 big
The coach is a woman who appears to be a volcanic goddess. She is wearing a traditional Native-American garment and has tattoos on her arms and legs which glow orange during the instrumentals and bridge. Her outfit is red and consists of a red tribal bra and a long tribal, swaying skirt. Her hair is black with some red highlights and appears to be in dreads. During the choruses, instrumentals and bridge, the dancer's skin turns pitch black. She is barefoot. The dancer has a red outline.


Wherehaveyoualt coach 1 big

The coach is a woman in traditional tribal fashion. The dancer is in typical tribal clothing. The gown is patterned in several bright colors yellow and blue. She has a brown afro bound with a headdress. She is also barefoot. The dancer has an orange outline.



P1 has short black hair. He is wearing a white-and-blue mask, a purple-and-blue sleeveless hoodie with matching sweatpants, and a pair of white shoes.


P2 is a woman, who has pink hair and is wearing a blue mask with a tiara. She is wearing a blue bra shirt with a matching skirt and black heels with straps that reach the thighs.


P3 has short black hair. He is wearing a white-and-blue mask, a purple-and-blue long-sleeved hoodie with matching sweatpants, and a pair of white shoes.

During some parts of the routine, the trio's outfits and hair change to pink and blue. All of the dancers have a cyan outline.



The routine takes place on volcanic ground. Volcanoes, rocks and lava rivers can be seen in the background. During the verses, blue bolts of lightning can be seen in the sky. A ferocious sandstorm can also be seen. During the choruses, the lava rivers become less visible. Cracks and crevices and huge angry flames can be seen in the background. The lava cracks glow and huge flames also spew out. A barrier of steam emanating from an abyss can also be seen in the background. During the instrumental parts, the ground becomes cracked solid rock. The dancer can also be seen standing on a single circular rock ground.


The routine takes place in the usual Extreme background. The room glows red and orange.


The routine takes place in the usual On-Stage background. The stage glows purple, orange, and green.

Gold Moves


There are 2 Gold Moves in the Classic routine, both of which are the same:
Both Gold Moves: While on your knees, throw your entire upper body in a circle with your arms up.


There are 3 Gold Moves in the Extreme routine:
Gold Moves 1 and 2: Lean forward and throw your arms in a 180-degree circle.
Gold Move 3: Spin around with your hands crossed above your head.


There are 2 Gold Moves in the On-Stage routine, both of which are the same:
Both Gold Moves:

  • P1/P3: Face your palms towards P2.
  • P2: Put both hands behind your head.


There are 4 Gold Moves in the Mashup:
Gold Moves 1 and 2: Put your hands on your legs and shake your body. (Disturbia)
Gold Move 3: Hit the air with your fists. (Apache (Jump On It))
Gold Move 4: Put your hands on your chin, as if you are surprised. (Barbra Streisand).


Where Have You Been has a Mashup that can only be unlocked in the month of April.


Party Master Mode

Where Have You Been has a Party Master Mode. Here are the captions in order of appearance: (Captions in bold indicate a Song Switch.)


Where Have You Been has a battle against She Wolf (Falling to Pieces). For the battle click here.

Appearances in Mashups

Where Have You Been appears in the following Mashups:




The Classic and Extreme dancers appear in Party Master Modes. Here are the captions attributed to the dance moves.


  • Burning Punches
  • Calling The Flames
  • Crossfire
  • Ember Walk
  • Exorcism
  • Tribal TipToe
  • Sharp Hands
  • Waving Salamander


  • African Shoulders
  • Catch The Sun
  • Tribal Pulse
  • Where Are You?


  • Where Have You Been is the sixth song by Rihanna in the main series.
  • Where Have You Been has the greatest number of Alternate routines for a single song in the entire series (Extreme, On-Stage, Mashup, Battle and Party Master Mode).
  • The gameplay was revealed after Gamescom 2013, unlike most of the videos which were released in June and July.[1]
  • The song was supposed to be seen with She Wolf (Falling to Pieces) and Starships, but it was held back until Gamescom 2013.
  • On the PAL cover of the game, and on the UK website, the Extreme coach wears black ankle strap heels, but in the game she is barefoot.
  • At the line "Where have you been all my li-i-i-i-i-i-fe" all the dancers from each mode (except when She Wolf (Falling to Pieces) is winning the battle) do the same move, which is moving the arms up and down while the palms face the dancer. This move is inspired from the music video, in which it is done at that moment.
    • There are also some other moves used from the music video.
  • The On-Stage Version won in Just Dance Awards on the official Facebook page in the category On-Stage Choreo Of The Year. [2]
  • The ClassicPlantilla:'s background resembles the planet Venus, having fire and storms.
  • In the advertisement, the Extreme dancer has her tongue visible.
  • The Party Master has a glitch: if the song is switched from this to Follow The Leader in the second chorus, the Gold Move effect appears. The same thing happens with the same song switch in the Party Master Modes for I Will Survive and Love Boat.
    • Additionally, during the preview of the caption Cute Kicks, the coach seems to miss her chroma key, causing her outline to be black and widely faded.
  • If you explore the game files for Just Dance 2014, you can be able to find something strange: there is a album coach for the on-stage dancers for this song (see gallery below, under Behind the Scenes). The strange thing is that the dancers seem to be unedited, like they are from a behind the scenes video.
  • The coach is very difficult to see during the choruses and bridge, due to her dark skin tone matching the background.
  • The Extreme coach's glove constantly glitches from lilac to cobalt blue.
  • The Classic menu square appears on a picture where you try to log in to facebook in Just Dance Now.
  • According to the concept art, the Classic coach is named "Magma Princess".
    • This is the second coach with a name that does not come from a routine based off a film or a video game; she is accompanied by "Frost Princess".


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