"Hey Mama" by David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha & Afrojack is featured on Just Dance 2016, Just Dance Now, and Just Dance Unlimited.

Appearance of the Dancers


The routine is performed by a trio of two men and a woman. They resemble soliders.


P2 is a military commander. She has an army cap which covers her red hair, a pair of black round-framed sunglasses, and is wearing a grey army uniform with a black skirt. She is also wearing a pair of navy blue boots.


P1 and P3 are male soldiers with soldier hats covering their neatly combed hair. They are in a black jacket which covers an orange top. On top of that, they are also wearing a pair of long black jeans as well as a pair of black shoes each. They blend in with the rest of the troops.

After the second chorus, the dancers can be seen going through multiple stages of color inversions.

Geisha Version

All three dancers are women dressed as geishas. They all have black hair tied up, and wear kimonos and black slippers with socks. P1’s kimono is orange, P2’s kimono is light pink, and P3’s kimono is blue. Each dancer holds two paper fans which are of the same colors as their kimonos.



The routine takes place in a military aircraft dispatching platform. There is an Air Force standing behind the lead and backup dancers - all the troops have the same appearance as the backup dancers. The dance platform is seen ascending through levels of troop sections before reaching the top. Then, the dispatching platform can be seen opening, revealing a bright sky and even more troops on land dancing along. The platform lights up to the rhythm of the song.

Geisha Version

The background first consists of beige oriental screen panels. At each chorus, the background switches to a snowy nighttime landscape. At the third verse, the screen panels are pink, and spotlights rapidly flash at them.

Gold Moves


There are 3 Gold Moves in the Classic routine, all of which are the same:
All Gold Moves: Salute.

Geisha Version

There are 3 Gold Moves in the Geisha Version routine:
Gold Move 1: Open your arms and grab the air toward your left.
Gold Move 2: Make a big circle with both arms and lower your body.
Gold Move 3: All: get your right hand back; P1 face right, P2 face forward and P3 face left.

Dance Quests

Hey Mama is featured in the following Dance Quests maps:


  • Cake

Geisha Version

  • Rocket

Community Remix

Hey Mama has a Community Remix.

The following are featured:

(No repeats)

  • Diabolickooke (Netherlands)
  • AmanditaMM (Brazil)
  • Susie Slaytanic (USA)
  • morales360bkn (Chile)
  • Victor6z12 (Italy)
  • ZillyZucchini (USA)
  • mzsx536 (USA)
  • MrManu96 (Italy)
  • chtumix89 (Italy)
  • MattGamer2004 (Canada)
  • kurashiki01 (Russia)
  • Joseiiin97 (Italy)
  • CarlosShadow7 (Portugal)
  • jmichew (Malaysia)
  • dimitrol707 (Russia)
  • kittykuma (USA)
  • SabrinaRocket (Germany)
  • dim0n19 (Russia)
  • Paulo Barizon (Brazil)
  • YeoJulietaMin (Italy)
  • feardog11 (USA)
  • nijishoujo (USA)
  • twanboy_13 (Russia)
  • Mereth86 (Spain)
  • DnDarkPK (Brazil)


  • Hey Mama is the second song by David Guetta in the main series.
  • "Freak", "nana", "d**k", "b****es” and "f**king" are censored.
    • "D**k", "f**king", and "b****es" were already censored at the official music video.
    • "Nana" was not censored during E3. [4]
  • In the E3 demo, the part of the song that is a sample of Rosie by Alan Lomax has been covered in order to avoid copyright issues. The people who sang the covered part are unknown.
    • It is not covered in the full version of the game.
      • If it had been covered in-game, Hey Mama would have been the second track to be partially covered, with the rest of the song left in its original state, following Good Feeling.
    • The covered version is used in the trailer for the film Sisters.
  • Despite the song being a Trio, P1 and P3 (as well as the unplayable backup dancers) are performed by the same dancer as seen in the Just Dance 2016 Behind-The-Scenes footage.
  • Unlike the other Showtimes with censored words, the censors are represented by boxes covering the words instead of the usual ellipsis (...) replacing them. When "nana" is censored, the edge of the second "A" can still be seen.
  • When the line "Beating my drum like dum-di-di-day," the word "my" shows up as "the" in the lyrics.[5][6] The word "plus" in the line "plus I keep the ..." appears as "yes".
    • This could have been intentional.
  • The Just Dance Now files for Hey Mama show that P3Plantilla:'s icon from the menu selection is less centered than P1Plantilla:'s.
  • In the Just Dance Now menu, Hey Mama and Born This Way were erroneously placed before Bad Romance.
    • This was later fixed.
  • In Hey Mama (Community Remix), player names and country flags are shown.[7] This feature was included in all Community Remixes in Just Dance 2015 and in Uptown Funk (Community Remix), but it was discontinued by the time All About That Bass (Community Remix) was released.
    • Also, ZillyZucchini is the only participant to be chosen twice for this Community Remix.
  • The Community Remix is affected by a glitch that makes the coaches freeze for the rest of the song. While this happens, the pictograms and the lyrics keep working but they're heavily slowed down, as well as the song.[8]
  • On Just Dance Unlimited, the player can only play as P2 on the song's Community Remix. This is, however, not the case on Just Dance Unlimited, as the player can play as P1 and P3 on that game.
  • The song was played during the play-off of the Just Dance World Cup 2015.[9]
  • The Community Remix reappears in Just Dance 2017. This would also make it the last community remix available in the Wii Version.
    • However, it was removed in the final version.
  • In Just Dance Now, the Classic cover is also used for the Community Remix.
  • A score detection file is named "heymama_karatekid.msm", referencing the movie series.


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